Sodercan launches two new lines of aid totaling 4 million to promote business R & D and 'starp up'


Iciar Amorrortu, Eva Díaz Tezanos and Marta Domingo GOVERNMENT OF CANTABRIA

The Society for the Development of Cantabria (Sodercan) will launch next week two new aid convocation, amounting to 2 million euros each, directed one of them to support R & D projects in the business field and the other for ‘ starp up ‘and young companies.

These two new calls, already approved by the Board of Directors of this public company and that will be published next week, have been presented this Thursday at a press conference by the Vice President of Cantabria and President of Sodercan, Eva Díaz Tezanos; by the director of this company, Iciar Amorrortu, and by the general director of Universities and Research, Marta Domingo.

The new call for business R & D will finance between 25 and 80 percent of projects with budgets that should be between 50,000 and 200,000 euros and lasting between one and two years.

Through the call, it is intended to contribute to diversify the current business fabric towards new products with high added value; to increase the productivity of companies and to promote the transfer of technology from research organizations and technology centers to companies in the region.

Any active company at the time of submitting the application and which develops industrial research or experimental development projects may benefit from this call.

The aid will be used to subsidize personnel expenses, equipment, exploitation materials and also technical assistance and contractual research.

Applications may be submitted from the day following its publication on the Sodercan website until October 4 of this year.

This call is compatible with other Sodercan help lines for innovation, with the exception of existing ones for the promotion of large R & D projects and for the circular economy, as Amorrortu has pointed out.



The other call, called ‘Start Up capital Cantabria’, will provide convertible participatory loans that may be between 25,000 and 250,000 euros, depending on the stage of each business project, establishing three variants: ‘Seed’; ‘Start’ or ‘Expansion’.

With this new program, which had

With this new program, which had

the venture capital sector in Cantabria is to be strengthened by providing capital and financing to start-up or early-stage companies, since it is considered to have a “key role in promoting technologically advanced new companies” and at the time of ” revitalize “the productive fabric of the community.

It is sought that in Cantabria not miss “any entrepreneurial initiative” and “no opportunity is squandered to create wealth or employment.”

The ‘Seed’ variant is aimed at financing projects in a phase prior to mass production (research, development or design phase), in which loans of between 25,000 and 50,000 euros will be granted; the so-called “Start-up”, with contributions of between 50,001 and 150,000, is designed for those in a phase that goes from the first commercialization of the product or service until it reaches a point of equilibrium), and that of ‘Expansion’ is for those that are already in the growth phase or, even, already generating benefits.

In this case, the amounts of the loans can range from 150,001 euros to 250,000. In this modality, a takeover of shares has been established in which Sodercan will not contribute more capital than the entrepreneurial team or more than 45% of the project’s budget.

This new aid program is compatible with other Sodercan lines aimed at promoting entrepreneurship.


Díaz Tezanos explained that these two new calls come to complement other calls of Sodercan this year to help innovation and entrepreneurship development that are already underway, worth 3.3 million and 1.3 respectively, most of which are still open. Now adding these two developments, the aid in both lines will reach 8.6 million euros.

In his opinion, these new lines “reinforces” the commitment of the Government of Cantabria and Sodercan with the support of the Cantabrian business sector to make it more competitive and better positioned in the market.



Also the vice president has referred to another program: the one aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs, the so-called PAEM, which is a collaboration between Sodercan and the Santander Chamber of Commerce, co-financed by the European Social Fund.

This program aims to promote self-employment and women’s business activity, especially through business advice and guidance; support for women’s entrepreneurship processes or inform them about financing formulas.